Why I Love journal (And You Should, Too!)

I have recently started journaling and I love it so much! I am so addicted to journals (especially the pretty and cute ones!) that I have stacks of new journals sitting on my desk waiting for me, and I haven’t even finish one journal. However, I notice that journaling is actually a very healthy activity. Here are the reasons I love journaling.

5 Reasons I Love Journal

  • Brain dump – I like to brain dump into a journal. I find it relaxing and helping me to get everything out of my head.
  • Special moments – I can document special moments and I imagine how 10 years later, I would find the journal and recap all my beautiful memories.
  • Self-reflection – when I go through my journal a day or two later, I will reflect on what I have achieved and how I can be better than before.
  • Inspiration – sometimes when I come across something inspiring (could be a quote or a story), I will document it for reference, which is nice because when I am feeling down, or in need of inspiration, I just need to read my journal.
  • Freedom – I can write anything I want. I can document all my thoughts without fear. I can express myself freely in a journal.

I usually write at night but I have my journal with me all the time so that I can just grab it and start writing whenever I feel the need.

Do you keep a journal? Do you want to start a journal? You might want to check out these beautiful journals.



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